It can be easy to buy into the mantra of “print is dead”; however, your own business would do this at its own peril, as there remain good reasons to consider print an essential marketing medium even in 2016. Here’s some real food for thought: the world’s biggest software company, Google, still sends printed direct mail to users of its AdWords online advertising service. Here are what could be some or all of the biggest reasons that Google continues to use print marketing…

Print marketing can help you to stand out

The Content Marketing Institute has revealed that about two thirds of marketing professionals forgo print for their marketing strategies. That presents a great opportunity for you: it means that, simply by using print marketing, you could help yourself to stand out from hordes of your competitors! It could be an especially good idea to target customers by sending out brochures, flyers or leaflets. Those can attract attention without cluttering the recipients’ email inboxes.

You can maximise your company’s exposure

Provided that your print marketing materials meet a high standard, they can bring surprisingly large levels of exposure for your firm. You should consider, for example, that a customer can choose to look at print whenever they fancy it, rather than just when they have brought up their email inbox. Also, they could choose to pass your print marketing materials onto someone else who might be interested in what products or services you have on offer.

Print can work well with your online efforts

While we have focused a lot on how print materials can be effective due to their unique strengths in comparison to digital campaigns, that doesn’t mean that you have to choose just one or the other. In fact, combining print and digital marketing could help you to reach previously untapped audiences. To this end, you could use a brochure or leaflet to promote a competition that customers can only enter by interacting with your brand on its Facebook or Twitter page.

There’s a real credibility to print

We tend to distrust a lot of the Internet, not least due to the excessive number of popups and banner adverts, not to mention the possibility of inadvertently coming across viruses. However, none of these specific dangers can be imminent with a print ad. Typically, we opt to buy from companies that we consider trustworthy – and, by making extensive use of print media, you can strengthen the public perception of your business as genuine and worth relying on.

You can boost your brand awareness

Here at GH CITYPRINT, there’s a huge variety of print materials, including brochures, posters and newsletters, that we can provide for your company. We will welcome your order with open arms! And, whichever types of print materials you request from us, we can ensure that your company’s visual branding – including its commonly-used fonts and colours – is consistent across all of them. You should then make sure that your digital marketing channels are adhering to this same visual branding as well.