Why have various big brands – think Apple, Coca-Cola and Nike – become so memorable? You could probably write an entire dissertation answering that, but arguably a big reason is their consistency. Below, we look closer at why brand consistency can be instrumental to a company’s success and, therefore, why you should keep it in mind for your own business.

A more consistent brand is a better known brand

The Apple logo of an apple with a bite in it is globally familiar – and one obvious reason why is that it’s on each of the billion active Apple devices that Apple has, on its website, revealed are now out there. iPhones, iPads, Macs, Apple TVs, Apple Watches and more all feature that familiar logo – no wonder it’s become firmly imprinted in the public mind. But it wouldn’t have done so, or at least not to the same extent, if Apple hadn’t stuck with that logo.

This is backed by the Branding & Digital Marketing Strategist Priya Songappan – who, in an article for LinkedIn, declares: “The more you see a brand in a TV or magazine ad, the more you will stay informed and hooked to the brand. As simple as that!”

Your company can enjoy a more professional image

If your company’s branding is inconsistent, that can look sloppy in the eyes of your customers. And, if the branding looks sloppy, these people could be led to fear occasional slacking with the quality of your products or services. A company’s professionalism – or, maybe more to the point, perceived professionalism – can be a key influence on customers’ decision-making. Customers want to feel like they know what they are getting – and consistent branding can help convince them that, with your business, they do know.

You can benefit across various channels

Considering what we have just said, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that, by putting that brand on various channels through which your company connects with customers, the brand can become more prominent and, therefore, more powerful…

These channels can include print marketing materials such as business cards, brochures, leaflets and posters – and, at GH CITYPRINT, we can print all such materials for you. However, it isn’t just print channels that you should be paying attention to. Channels have evolved as new technology has emerged; social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and media sharing sites like YouTube and Pinterest can now be great sources of promotional potential for your business.

For a Marketing Week article on the subject of consistent branding, Jared Regan, Gillette Venus brand manager at P&G UK and Ireland, has insisted that brands utilising many different channels should “have a clear message that resonates with the audience and helps the brand stand out over time.” Now, don’t let a fear of failure lead you to resist broadening the promotional channels that your company uses; Jack Daniel’s senior vice-president and managing director John Hayes says that “you have to evolve with the times”, adding: “It’s just a matter of evolving with the technology.”