Hey, does advertising on a London Double Decker Bus really work? I investigated this, a little, a few years ago to be honest and it seemed like a good idea at the time. Sadly, something like the above was out of my price range, especially not knowing what ROI (Return On Investment) we may receive. I could only consider the back of a bus, no jokes please and for just one route.

I am amazed at how much bus advertising some organisations can muster. Especially after seeing West End buses plastered with shows and theatre productions, no wonder ticket prices are so expensive!

So, when was the last time that you saw an advert on the outside of a bus and it prompted you into action? Apart from jumping out of the way…I can’t recall. Perhaps it has worked in a subliminal way? Film posters may work on me more than anything else, but then only to prompt me into possibly going to go to see something, the latest Star Wars installment perhaps.

Advertising for a print shop is not quite as engrossing as a one for a blockbuster or Broadway show. Unless you see it just at the right time… when looking for somewhere to print Aunt Maureen’s Funeral Service, or on a lighter note a time when you need an important contract winning presentation to hand out that afternoon.

While it would be wonderful to see GH Cityprintplastered on the local buses, for now we’ll have to make do with these lovely photo-shopped pictures of possible adverts emblazoned on the side of a 26 to Liverpool Street Station and post them on social media to big ourselves up.