These days, businesses tend to rely heavily on the Internet for their marketing efforts. However, while we don’t think you should entirely forgo online as a channel for your company’s own promotion drive, we would positively urge you to consider adding leaflet distribution to your campaigns. Done in the right manner, this kind of marketing can be wonderfully cost-effective! Here are just five ways in which you can increase your chances of success with handing out leaflets.

Think carefully about the size of the leaflets

As the independent digital marketing consultant Lucy Kirkness has put it, “go small or go home”. By that, she means that it can be worth making sure that the leaflets you distribute are small enough to easily fit into people’s pockets, bags or wallets. That way, when target customers receive these leaflets in the street or at events like trade shows and exhibitions, they could more likely choose to carry those leaflets with them, perhaps even long enough to more thoroughly read the contents when they get home. Big leaflets could too easily simply be dropped in the bin.

Team up with a business that complements yours

If you’ve developed a good relationship with another company that isn’t in the same field as yours, but does offer services that complement your own company’s, then you could suggest a joint promotional campaign, including leaflet distribution, between the two businesses. This can work especially well if the other company has its own distribution methods.

Arrange for your leaflets to be inserted into suitable publications

Are you aware of a local newspaper or magazine that distributes in your target area? If so, approach the team behind that periodical to see if you can get a leaflet inserted into their next issue. While you will probably have to pay a fee to clinch this deal, it could prove hugely worthwhile if the publication in question is highly influential, respected and widely read.

Distribute leaflets at an event you are sponsoring

If there’s a local event coming up that is relevant to your company and culture, you could get in touch with the organisers with a view to becoming a sponsor of that event. As part of the deal, you might get the opportunity to give your leaflets to the event’s attendees. While presenting branded “goodie bags” or delivering on the door are methods you could utilise on the day, even just leaving leaflets on a display table could prove useful for helping to get the word out.

Use carefully planned timing when handing out leaflets

Having provided various pieces of advice on how you could effectively distribute leaflets, here at GH CITYPRINT, we can also print out those leaflets to a high standard and strict deadline. However, before you get out there with those leaflets, meticulously consider whether you should get underway with the distribution during certain times of year, in phases, or before or after a specific event. Weigh up the different options to help yourself to choose the right ones.